Wednesday, November 8, 2017

HP Prime Public Beta Firmware Available (Nov. 2017)

 HP Prime Public Beta Firmware Available

There is new HP Prime software for Mac and Windows, along with firmware for the calculator (Rev. 12951, 11/6/2017; 12969, 11/8/2017; 13012, 11/11/2017).  The firmware is public beta, which means the firmware is still under testing, stomping any last few bugs the firmware may have. 

Should you download this firmware and find issues, HP asks you to contact  Special thanks to Tim Wessman and the HP Calculator team. 

(By the way, please consider joining HP Museum of Calculators forum, it is awesome community of calculator and mathematics enthusiasts. Link:  ) 

You can download the beta software here: 

(Shout out to

Here is just a preview of what’s new for the HP Prime, this is a major update so what you see here is a fraction of what’s being added.  For a complete list, please see the museum thread (#9450) posted above or the release info text file.


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